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Take the Leap

Sep 21, 2023

Episode #115: Being Free And Empowered

Join us today as Colleen Interview's Noelle Peterson on Take the Leap. Noelle Peterson is passionate about helping women step into their identity and power so that they can create the life they desire. She is the author of Dream Life Planner: Move From Tired and Overwhelmed to Free and Empowered, co-author of Achieve Wellness, and the pretty half of the Smiling Coaching Couple. Noelle helps women awaken their dreams and design a path to reach them. She works with you on your identity, values, and boundaries by raising your awareness of your innate purpose and desire allowing you to align your daily tasks and goals with your life's dream.

In this episode, the significance of feeling free and empowered in one's life is discussed, emphasizing the importance of healthy relationships, leadership, and purpose in both personal and professional life. The guest, Noel Peterson, shares her own experience of feeling more free and empowered now that she is pursuing her true calling, compared to when she worked for the government. Peterson expresses her passion for her work, which involves writing, engaging with people, and creating new programs to help others. Her ultimate goal is to cultivate healthy relationships.

Peterson explains that it means having the ability to be true to oneself and do what one is meant to do. She highlights the freedom she now has to write a book, schedule phone calls, and plan her week according to her preferences. Being free allows her to fulfill her purpose and take control of her own actions.

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