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Take the Leap

Aug 3, 2023

Episode #108: Overcoming Barriers

Join us today as Colleen Interview's Elle Ballard on Take the Leap. Elle is a Life & Abundance Mentor for multinational women in business, an International Best-selling Author, and Founder of Women of the World Network®. Furthermore, helping multinational women achieve abundance in their personal and professional world while helping them uncover and focus on their uniqueness. Meanwhile, her successful marketing communication and product sales experience in addition to her international business experience makes her approach to business unique and powerful! Whereas, an open-minded, conscious, global leader who is passionate about supporting multinational women in business and in life. Accordingly, her attitude of abundance to life and business helps her clients get laser-focused on their mission and unique individual strengths. Thereupon, allowing them to successfully build and promote their businesses, transform their lives and gain freedom.

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