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Take the Leap

Sep 28, 2023

Episode #116: The Power Of Habits For Personal Growth

Join us today as Colleen Interview's Valerie LaVigne on Take the Leap.

We talk about the common misconception that healthy habits must be strict and rigid, and that they must be followed consistently every day, this misconception may discourage people from adopting healthy habits. She challenges this belief by emphasizing that healthy habits can actually offer freedom and flexibility. Valerie shares her personal journey of initially not believing in the power of healthy habits and lacking discipline. However, she explains that she has since come to understand their significance. She highlights that healthy habits go beyond simply checking off a box or following a strict routine. Instead, they can be personalized and adaptable to individual preferences and lifestyles.

In addition, the episode discusses the importance of creating motivation, energy, and a positive mindset each day.

We emphasize that this is a choice that individuals have the power to make. We share our own experiences of waking up with low energy but highlight that they still have the ability to choose their attitude and approach to the day. The episode asserts that everyone has the permission to change their mindset, which can significantly impact their overall well-being.

Valerie's role is to guide them through a process of uncovering their challenges and finding clarity. This aligns with the idea that creating motivation, energy, and a positive mindset requires taking specific steps to address underlying issues.

Empowerment is defined as giving oneself permission to believe in their abilities and take action. We acknowledge that feeling empowered requires daily effort and encourage listeners to surround themselves with supportive people who can make a positive difference in their lives. The episode also highlights the uniqueness of each individual and the limited time they have to create healthy habits and live a purposeful life.

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