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Take the Leap

May 16, 2022

Episode #7

Join me today as I Interview Patricia A Daggett on Take the Leap. Patricia A Daggett is the Founder of Women Transformed a Dynamic, overachieving, and top-performing sales leader who is resilient to change! 18yrs in corporate/technology channel sales and has been a Single mom for 16yrs and raised 4 kids on her own. A 2-time cancer survivor of Multiple Myeloma, and In 2017, she endured a stem cell transplant in Houston during Hurricane Harvey. She is also a Mentor and Transformational Life Coach to underprivileged women in need. And of course, we invite you to join us in subscribing to our podcast, attending our events, or simply following us on social media!

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To connect with our guest today: Patricia A Daggett