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Take the Leap

Aug 24, 2023

Episode #111: Unveiling The Secrets Of Financial Success

Join us today as Colleen Interview's JaRee Bowers on Take the Leap. We discuss zero-loss strategies for investing. They emphasize the importance of not being ashamed to talk about money and how it is aligned with the concept of having riches on earth. The conversation explores the idea of investing without the fear of losing money and instead focusing on gaining. Tune in to learn more about creating a life by design and taking the leap towards financial success.

The guest on the episode, Jerri Bowers, is described as a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in various businesses. She has experience in network marketing, painting and construction, and even owned a Dairy Queen franchise and ownership of multiple companies in the past. Jerri observed that her clients lacked knowledge about money, including earning, saving, and investing. This lack of financial literacy often resulted in fear and anxiety when discussing investments.

Recognizing that money played a central role in people's lives, either due to its abundance or scarcity, Jerri decided to build her next business around educating individuals on little-known money principles of the wealthy. Her aim was to help people gain clarity and confidence in their financial decisions. This led her to establish her own company, My Freedom First, which prioritizes individuals' freedom and partners with Five Rings Financial to challenge the traditional mold of the financial industry. Jerri's primary goal is to educate individuals on how to utilize money as a tool for their future and achieve financial security.

Listen to the full episode now and never fear financial stress again!

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