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Sheppard Mullin's The Legit Ledger

Feb 14, 2023

In this episode of the Legit Ledger, Achilleas Sarantaris of Async Art joins Sheppard Mullin attorney Sam Cohen to discuss the latest trends and innovations with NFT-based music, including common use cases, Soulbound and generative NFTs, and granting commercial rights to music through NFTs. 


What We Discussed in This Episode:

  • The current trends and common use cases in NFT-based music.

  • An overview of the Async Art platform.

  • What are your thoughts on Soulbound NFTs?

  • How are generative NFTs different from Soulbound NFTs?

  • Discussion of common models used for generative music NFTs. 

  • What questions arise as more artists grant commercial rights to visual and/or music content via NFTs?

  • The importance of comprehensive and enforceable NFT license agreements.


About Achilleas Sarantaris

Achilleas Sarantaris is leading product at Async Art, an innovative platform exploring ways NFTs make sense above and beyond purely speculative use cases. A musician who’s been on both sides of the music industry, Achilleas is also pursuing a research degree in Philosophy at UCL in the United Kingdom. 


About Samuel J. Cohen

Sam is an associate in Sheppard Mullin’s Entertainment, Technology, and Advertising Practice Group in its New York City office. He represents emerging and established companies and creators in their business ventures across all facets of the entertainment and media industries, and frequently advises on transactions, intellectual property, and regulatory issues involving music licensing and exploitation, and disruptive technologies including NFTs, blockchain technology, interactive media, and broader web3 matters. A former in-house counsel at Sony Music, his extensive experience within the music industry allows Sam to provide artists, record labels, publishers, distributors, performing rights organizations, and other media companies with the guidance needed to effectively navigate the music, technology, and intellectual property aspects of their business endeavors and strategic transactions. 



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