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Voice in The Kingdom

Aug 24, 2022

The book “What They’ve Always Wanted: Fellowship with God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit” is the catalyst to our Kingdom Conversation with La Toija Snodgrass as we also get to hear about her journey of realizing the difference between religion and relationship and how that grows when we spend time with The Father. La Toija shared how she talked with God about her calling to be a pastor’s wife and we had a laugh about telling God our plans. She shared a specific dream from The Lord that opened her up to more once she acted in obedience. There was opportunity to discuss family and ministry balance as well as what it means to give up sleep and really seek after our time with God early in the morning. La Toija shared her thoughts on the normalization of the supernatural in our prayer lives and expecting it all to look like it did in the Bible. We also talked about intercessory prayer, revival and the importance of spiritual parents/mentors.

Then, we got to dive into the book The Lord gave La Toija to author, “What They’ve Always Wanted: Fellowship with God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”  We talk about the the difference between praise and worship, discuss the friendship and deity of God, take a look at how childlike imagination plays into our prayer lives and more.


Stop by to get your copy of “What They’ve Always Wanted” as well as more info about the ministry of Derrick and La Toija Snodgrass.

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