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Voice in The Kingdom

Aug 23, 2022

The economy of God is more than our finances. It has a lot more to do with position and alignment in God’s Kingdom.

Jeff takes us into Colossians 1 and a look at the word dispensation. We get different definitions from this word dispensation. One definition is administration. Another definition is stewardship, and another one is economy.

We also go back into Genesis to talk about Adam, Noah and Abraham to discuss more about God’s plan as well as what these Old Testament generations show us about the New Testament church along with what it all means for today. Jeff also points out how this all comes together in the order of Melchizedek.

The other economy, the economy or dispensation of the world, is in darkness. We cannot allow the enemy to keep us where we can not see. We are the light of the world when we are in a place of real commitment and fellowship with the Lord.

God has a plan for us all, as believers, in His economy, in His administration, in His Kingdom. God’s economy encompasses more than we think and this episode begins a series that dives deep into revealing the mystery of God’s government, His Kingdom economy.

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