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Voice in The Kingdom

Aug 16, 2022

Do you have trouble hearing the voice of The Lord?

Whitney and Jeff take a look at what it means to hear the voice of The Lord and give some declarations that open the door so that we can grow in our understanding. We discuss words of knowledge along with other modes of the prophetic and being open to act on them.  Jeff points out that when we lean into this in hearing The Lord that God can communicate with us on another level while Whitney gives some examples of operating out of this level of communication with God. We get into the logos, zoe and rhema Word of The Lord and more. We lay out examples and evidence from Scripture that point out you too can hear The Voice of The Lord.

Isaiah 50:4 says that The Lord has given us the tongue of the learned.  Look at the words, “The Lord has given me.” This is now a faith statement for us. If God gave it, all we have to do is receive it. The next verse tells us that, “The Lord has opened my ear.” Again, “The Lord opens our ear.” We have to receive that by faith. It's just like when we got born again, to come into The Kingdom. The Lord gives the grace. The Lord opens our ear to hear His voice. We can't miss it with him. He's a father that loves, but He needs faith, substance to please Him. We just need to say what The Word says, “The Lord has opened our ear” to hear Him. From this day forward, you're going to hear the voice of the Lord, like you never have before. Why? Because we receive it by faith. So it's no different than receiving salvation, receiving healing, receiving the Holy Ghost. It’s a faith thing, right? I believe, I believe with all my heart, God has given me an ear to hear His voice and a heart to obey Him. God did that.

I put more confidence in His ability to speak to me more than in my ability to hear Him. That’s where the faith is. In that God can communicate to His people. Stop looking at yourself and put more confidence in God's ability. He made the mouth. He made us to two ears. He is able to open our ears to His Word.   Our job is to receive the tongue of the learned. Our job is to receive the open ear and the open heart to obey. That's our job. God is greater than anything that the enemy uses to make you believe that you can’t hear the voice of The Lord.

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