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Bulletproof Business Podcast

Jul 8, 2024

Wonder sometimes where all your resources go??

We'll talk about how optimizing team structures can supercharge your results. 

Discover a framework for evaluating, refining and realigning roles to focus efforts on high-impact initiatives.

Listen now to pick up actionable tactics for motivating peak performance through...

Jun 24, 2024

In our latest epidote, learn tangible strategies for Future-Focused Leadership-- get ready for Q3!

I'll discuss how to balance quality and growth, attract top talent, persevere with passion, prioritize customers, and get your time back—all crucial for hitting Q3 goals.

Discover optimized processes, focused recruiting,...

Jun 17, 2024

Are you the only one focused on sales?

Right there, you are leaving millions on the table

Discover proven strategies to align your whole team to revenue, turn your culture around, and maximize results through daily rituals and teamwork. 

Learn how the top 1% use focused practices to move their teams into a whole new...

Jun 10, 2024

Getting in your way of your own growth? 
Learn the 3 vital keys for ANY business owner to get to the next level—no matter what industry, phase or size of business.
It always starts with time and bandwidth, can’t get done without getting out of the weeds and more strategic and of course, you need the Quickstart...

Jun 3, 2024

Always struggling for more leads and sales?

There are some serious myths about the cause of this.

Learn how to unleash hidden talents within your existing force to start closing more deals daily.

Discover the simple yet powerful processes proven to optimize even unknown skills and light a fire under results.

Tune in to...