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ASecuritySite Podcast

Apr 30, 2024

Jan is the CTO and a Cryptographer at DFINITY, and, since 1998, he has consistently produced research outputs of rigour, novelty and sheer brilliance [here]. He was recently awarded the Levchin Prize at Real World Crypto 2024 - along with Anna Lysyanskaya.

Jan’s research core happened when he was hosted in the IBM Zurich Research Lab, but has since moved to DFINITY, and is still producing research outputs that are some of the best in the whole of the computer science research area.

He has published over 140 widely cited papers and has been granted around 140 patents. Jan has also received the ACM SIGSCA Outstanding Innovation Award and the IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award.

One of his key research outputs relates to the CL signature, which allows for a private, aware digital signature, along with many other contributions, such as range proofs, oblivious transfer, and privacy-aware identity mapping between domains.

More details here: