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Beauty and the Bittersweet

Welcome to BEAUTY & THE BITTERSWEET with Miracle Laurie May!

I'm thrilled to have you here and I hope you enjoy the show!

Every Monday, you'll get your Mindful Morsels (think vitamins for the soul) to start your week off right.

Every Friday is "Q&A Friday" where I take questions from YOU, the listener, and riff on the answer for you, or any other topics y'all want me to discuss from a Mindful Perspective.

Submit your Qs or Topic Requests HERE and I'll see you on the show!

Apr 4, 2022

Join your host, Miracle Laurie May, for this fun-loving and fiery podcast where we try to make a little more sense, of the beautiful mess, that is life.

All thru breath, curiosity, presence and playfulness. The joy is in the journey, we're better together, and the adventure starts now!  You ready?  

You're the answer you've been looking for and your bliss is just a breath away...

Photo: Lela Edgar Photography

Graphics: KG Productions

Theme Song: "Effin' Groovy" by Bobbo Byrnes ( & Miracle Laurie May