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Tucker Goodrich Podcast

Jul 16, 2022

Jayne Rees Buxton, author

Amazon: "The Great Plant-Based Con"
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Jun 6, 2022

Brian and I have an engaging chat with famed Paleo Diet advocate Robb Wolf on his recent book 'Sacred Cow', how his own health issues have kept him engaged in continuing to explore the relationship between diet and health, how he's going beyond Paleo with his new enterprise LMNT, and more. I hope you all enjoy!


May 5, 2022

I interview Prof. Ameer Taha of U.C. Davis on linoleic acid, lipid peroxidation, oxLAMs, and neurodegeneration.

A great discussion going over some of the seminal research he has done during his career.

We also discuss his surprising dream research project, one I think would yield major benefits if he were able to...

Apr 21, 2022

Meet the Seed Oil Disrespecter and his wife, Ashley. We talk about how and why they started doing what they are doing, and what they hope to accomplish, with a focus on how avoiding seed oils affected their family health even after eating a mostly healthy diet for many years. Some news at the end, so stick around!...

Apr 1, 2022

Back in February, Dr. K, the Seed Oil Disrespecter on Twitter, was contacted by Audrey Carleton, a reporter for the news website VICE. She had some questions about why the seed oil topic had become a 'big thing' in the bitcoin world. He mentioned me as being knowledgeable about the seed oil and health topic, and...