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Tucker Goodrich Podcast

Jul 16, 2022

Jayne Rees Buxton, author

Amazon: "The Great Plant-Based Con"
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Co-host Dr. Brian Kerley

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Tucker Goodrich
Show Notes
**these are points we mention that I think people might want to read more about, or to explain or correct a point made. I don't inlude material from the book that we discuss, you'll have to get a copy to follow up on that information!

Colourful conman

Obituary—Jay Dinshah, 66, American Vegan Society Leader

"The Game Changers" movie

Clark, M. A., Springmann, M., Hill, J., & Tilman, D. (2019). Multiple health and environmental impacts of foods. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(46), 23357–23362.

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"Oatly ads banned by UK watchdog over ‘misleading’ green claims"

"Tesco plc"

"Protein content claims and methylcellulose in the spotlight as Beyond Meat hit with new lawsuits"

Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine is run by Neal Barnard, not David Katz.

There are ~1 million physicians in the U.S. (, according to PCRM, they have 17,000 physician members (see link above), so that's 1.7% of practicing physicians as members. Of course the vast majority of the rest are *also* in favor of responsible medicine, so the name is a bit of a slander.

BBC Radio 4 interview ( "Eating Meat, Inclusive Rents and Business Going Bust"

(Thanks to David Wyant for the link!

"Honest Burgers is to convert its all-vegan V Honest site close to London's Leicester Square back to its core concept in July, just six months after launching the spin-off brand."