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She Sells He Sells

Oct 30, 2023

In this episode, Krista has a great conversation with PR expert Sabina Hitchen, affectionately called the Press Fairy Godmother.  Sabina is on a mission to empower small business owners to harness the power of press for enhanced visibility and credibility.

Listen in for:

  • Sabina's PR Journey: Gain insight into Sabina's experience in the world of public relations and her journey from midwestern HS teacher to NYC PR agency owner to New England small business owner.

  • The Press Advantage: Discover why press coverage is the ultimate tool for boosting your small business's visibility and establishing credibility.

  • Unlocking PR Strategies: Learn practical strategies and tips from Sabina on how to leverage press effectively as a small business owner.

  • PR Rapid Fire: Sabina shares on-the-spot angles in a variety of business niches to pitch yourself to the press 

If you are ready to master your PR AND Sales pitching, join Krista + Sabina for their workshop ‘Totally Pitchin’’ to learn how to do just that!



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