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She Sells He Sells

Jan 22, 2024

Patrice Poltzer is the absolute QUEEN of being real, and this episode showcases exactly that! From parenting to being parented to door to door sales to feeling like a late bloomer - no topic was off limits in this conversation.

Even better than any story she shares is the way Patrice shares them, and the golden nuggets of wisdom that are woven through each one. It's a fun + entertaining interview and we are so excited for you to hear it!


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Patrice Poltzer is the founder of a NY & Lisbon-based video storytelling company and is triggered when people say, "I don't have a story."

She gets so triggered by this that she now runs a business built upon proving all those same people helping them uncover their (very much not vanilla) story.

Before stumbling into entrepreneurship at the top of 2017 after losing all of her esteem and confidence at a toxic media start-up, she was an award-winning producer at the TODAY show for 6 years.

She left at the peak of her career in 2016- the same year she won a Gracie Award for her storytelling -because she was poached by that toxic media startup on maternity leave...and WHO gets money thrown at them on maternity leave?

Though that job proved toxic, it set Patrice on the path to building her own storytelling company helping visionary founders and businesses uncover and share the stories that will turn heads and open wallets.

Patrice works with brands from Afterpay, Lululemon and Netflix to startups like Parsley Health and Her Campus, helping founders & teams strengthen their storytelling skills. When COVID hit, it forced her online—and Patrice found her groove.

She started running virtual workshops, coaching founders on how to craft stories that captivate. Turns out, she loves to teach. And she's really good at getting results for her students.

While Patrice's career has taken some unexpected turns, her passion for storytelling has endured. She believes the stories we tell ourselves shape our realities. The stories businesses choose to tell shape how they are perceived. By seizing control of the narrative, you seize control of your destiny. You get to write the story of who you attract. How cool is that.

Her favorite social media platform is Instagram (although she keeps trying to date Linkedin) where you can find her giving you a behind-the-scenes look at life in NY & Lisbon with 3 small boys and running a business.


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