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She Sells He Sells

Feb 5, 2024

Sales + grief might seem like an odd combination, but not once you listen to Hannah Wachter's remarkable story. A longtime ACORN student, Hannah's work on selling herself ON herself came into play at the most unexpected of times - the sudden loss of her sweet mother.

This rich conversation with Krista + Hannah covers so many rich topics. From finding life after loss to connecting the dots in your life to find purpose to understanding why your message matters - you'll be sure to walk away with pearls of wisdom to use in days, weeks and months ahead.


Hannah has been coaching, encouraging, and building others up for more than fourteen years. With kindness and clarity, Hannah helps others turn their pain into purpose, cultivate healthy growth, and better navigate change. In essence, Hannah helps you recover or discover, empowering you to be your best self.

As a seminarian turned makeup artist turned coach, Hannah serves as the gentle hand on your back encouraging you to step forward, look in the mirror, and see what others see in you. She is a gifted writer, speaker + singer, and is determined to use her voice to help others know and believe in their own value and worth.

Recently, Hannah’s mother died unexpectedly. Through courageously sharing her grief journey on social media, Hannah realized there were few spaces where grievers can exist without the judgment of others and society. Resolute, Hannah decided to provide that space herself, which led her to the Grief Recovery Method. Now certified, Hannah can better educate others about grief and help those suffering from loss to say goodbye to any pain, unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations, and hello to the fond memories and freedom of what was.

Hannah holds a Master in Christian Leadership, a BA in Religious Studies, and is currently the Minister of Music at Pleasant Valley Church in Happy Valley, Oregon. In addition to her role at church and being an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist with The Grief Recovery Method, Hannah was a Mindset Coach with The ACORN Method. Hannah has also written and published A Guide to Setting Boundaries in the Workplace with Madecraft via LinkedIn Learning.

When Hannah’s not working, she’s kickboxing, laughing, singing, dancing, writing, reading, visiting local bookstores to buy more books than she needs, hanging with her hubby and kids, soaking up time with friends, or traveling the country to see her siblings, with whom she’s very close.

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