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She Sells He Sells

Apr 11, 2022

We’re sure you’ve heard this phrase a million times - Fake it TIll you Make it! Well what does that even mean? And is it even true? Well, we have differing opinions on this and we’ve decided to debate about it on this week’s episode. 
During this episode we each take a turn discussing our perspective on the Fake it till you Make it approach. You’ll get to hear us talk about the pros and cons of this mindset, what it means to build confidence and competence, and how at the end does it even matter if you believe in this phrase or not?
In this episode we cover:
  • What does it mean to fake it til you make it [3:59]
  • Brian shares why he thinks this is one of the most overused phrases ever [5:17]
  • Krista shares why "making it" means learning as you go [10:58]
  • On the job training is basically fake it till you make it [21:09]
  • How this phrase succinctly represents the idea of acting into a new way of feeling & the way Brian would word it [25:09]


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