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She Sells He Sells

Sep 26, 2022

With a very successful 11 year career in network marketing, Krista knows a thing or two about building a business in that space that will last - and she’s breaking it all down for you today.  These eight principles will not only help you solidify your entrepreneurial posture with others + destigmatize this career...

Sep 19, 2022

We’re picking up the conversation with our oldest daughter, 15 year old Ava, where we left off -  and this episode gets even deeper than the last.

Listen in for:

  • How a new diagnosis brought all of us insight + helped improve the way we parent
  • Ava’s advice for someone beginning middle school
  • Why understanding +...

Sep 12, 2022

It takes guts to be 15 years old and talk openly on your parents’ podcast…and it takes guts to be parents and allow your teen to talk freely about what she does + does not like about your parenting - but that’s what we did in this two part series.  Ava, our oldest daughter, joins us for some real + raw...

Sep 5, 2022

You’ve spent the Summer with the kids at home while you’ve tried to juggle keeping the business moving forward while keeping your kids happy + fed (whyyy do they eat so much?!) and now, CONGRATS - it’s time to load them up on that big yellow bus and get back to your routine.  But - oftentimes that routine involves...