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She Sells He Sells

Sep 5, 2022

You’ve spent the Summer with the kids at home while you’ve tried to juggle keeping the business moving forward while keeping your kids happy + fed (whyyy do they eat so much?!) and now, CONGRATS - it’s time to load them up on that big yellow bus and get back to your routine.  But - oftentimes that routine involves a whole lot of chauffeuring and managing other things, so the so-called ‘balance’ we are all searching for often seems like a fallacy (and psssst - IT IS!).  We operate under a few key principles around here to keep our careers + family in check, and in this episode we are breaking them down for you.
Listen in to hear:
  • How to flip the switch on your mindset around the back to school craziness, and why that’s essential for not only you but also your kids
  • A reminder that you cannot - and should not - try to ‘do it all’
  • Why setting priorities around what’s most important is truly THE most important thing you can do as you prepare to get back into a routine
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