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She Sells He Sells

Apr 11, 2022

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie has been a transformational book that has changed the way people sell and influence others. If you couldn’t tell, this book is one of our favorites and has really shaped our beliefs around sales and influencing. 
During this episode we talk about what it means to actually influence people, why being liked doesn’t really matter when it comes to sales, why your UVP is about making people’s lives easier and why universal likeability matters!
In this episode we cover:
  • While being liked is still important, it isn't as big of a contributor to sales now in the information age [4:15]
  • Likes won’t pay your bills [8:48]
  • Figure out how what you’re selling makes someone's life easier [12:17]
  • Implementing the Know and Trust method [14:21]
  • Trust is about someone who has learned and done the thing [19:50]
  • Universal likeability matters [22:53]
  • 6 tangible things to build likeability [28:35]


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