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Dreamer To Entrepreneur

Oct 12, 2023

In this episode, we want to reflect on our recent guest conversation in our last episode with Lauren Wrighton. We dive back into Lauren's journey from starting a simple hobby podcast to becoming a prominent figure in the podcast industry, and discuss the importance of following your passion and listening to your gut instinct when starting a business. 

During this episode we want to emphasize the value of finding what you love and turning it into a career path. We share stories of individuals who have successfully monetized their hobbies and encourage you to not be afraid to pivot if your business goals change. 

Join us as we offer valuable advice for new business owners and discuss the unpredictable yet fulfilling path of entrepreneurship. 


In this episode we share:

  • Pursuing a passion for a business idea
  • Enjoying the work that you provide whether it’s product or service based business
  • Being flexible and willing to pivot if needed
  • Enjoy the journey and not stress about where you are currently at


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