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Dreamer To Entrepreneur

Nov 2, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of Dreamer to Entrepreneur! In today's episode, we have the pleasure of talking to Tanya Alvarez, a remarkable individual who has defied the odds and created a successful business while facing challenges and uncertainties. 

Tanya reflects on her early days of dreaming about travel, long before the days of Instagram, and reveals how her desire to learn and grow led her down a path of entrepreneurship. 

Join us as Tanya shares her journey of taking courses, building a supportive community, and embracing accountability to overcome self-doubt and achieve remarkable success. 

Get ready to be inspired and empowered as Tanya discusses the mindset shift needed to let go and delegate, the power of accountability, and the importance of community in both business and personal life. Tanya also shares valuable insights into productivity, prioritization, and the connections between health and business. This episode is full of wisdom, motivation, and practical lessons for all dreamers-turned-entrepreneurs.

In this episode we share:

  • The importance of delegation and hiring support
  • Overcoming self-doubt and mindset shifts
  • Creating a foundation for success
  • Combining health and fitness with entrepreneurship


Show Notes:

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