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Opening Closed Doors

Everybody has a story. Your story matters

Opening Closed Doors is a podcast about life journeys. Inspiring conversations with people who have chosen to open a closed door and shut another behind them. Stories of rejection to appreciation, loss to discovery, pain to purpose.

Everyone has a story and everybody's story matters.

Everyone has a story that will resonate, inspire and educate.

Certified holistic life coach, Sophia Nicholls, is the host of the show. She  is an international speaker with over 20 years in leadership and advocacy. As the host, Sophia Nicholls will guide you through these inspiring stories.

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Jul 8, 2022

A successful youth coach, founder and CEO of Oluvme (a community for women and children to receive help and guidance) Tina Vaphiadis shares her personal journey with vivid imagery.

Closing Doors to a toxic relationship, to the freedom of living her life like a phoenix rising from the fire of negativity. Tina shares the impact on her family as a result of the toxic relationships and how she left, opening the door to living a life full of gratitude, forgiveness and accountability.

Tina describes the importance of ‘owning your baggage’ and moving from victim mode to making the choice to be free. She shares the road from ‘forgiveness to freedom ‘and the route to ‘embody’ gratitude.

Tina say ‘We are not honest because we don’t want to have the difficult conversations. If we hold back we carry the sacrifice resulting in resentment and not love.

Take the baggage off!

‘Forgiveness is not easy but you have to let that burden be carried by the other person. It’s their burden’

 Tina relates how her experience shapes the way she supports  young people going through family divorce. Speaking about generational trauma she says, ‘I saw myself in her (her daughter's) eye and this really woke me up. I was not the role model I wanted for my children’. -


Tina shares 10 steps towards a life full of abundance & joy:

  1. Create boundaries, make others respect your boundaries
  2. Close the doors on the family might work to avoid toxic conversations
  3. The journey toward boundaries is difficulty however important 
  4. Self- Care is more than ‘painting your nails’. Its more about how I need to take care of myself? How can I be my own parent? What do I need today and tomorrow. Put on your oxygen mask. Quality time with those you love.
  5. Rising from the fire of a toxic relationship is difficult - Be compassionate and take baby steps
  6. Destruction leads to growth
  7. Looking back but not staying back
  8. Use effective communication as a tool to ‘take out the fire’! This is a skill that needs to be taught. We make assumption that good communication is a natural behaviour. It needs to be learnt and practiced. Active listening is key.
  9. Become emotionally intelligence as a tool for how we navigate social relationship
  10. Good Communication + Respect = Trust

'We can all rise no matter how difficult things are right now, there is a rebirth, rise, resurrection'.



Tina Vaphiadis was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. She moved to Greece in 1993 as a training manager for a major cosmetics company as a sales coach and product knowledge trainer. She later changed careers and got into education as her love for teaching and children outweighed her passion for the corporate world.


She soon found how to incorporate personal development and education in order to help children of all ages achieve their personal and academic goals.  She later started coaching women and working to empower their self-esteem by using specific coaching techniques as well as her own personal experiences as a ground for teaching valuable life skills such as self-awareness and self-acceptance.


In 2019 she created oluvme, a community for women and children to receive help and guidance through various mediums.  In 2021 she created TeenTalk and KidTalk where children get together for eight week programs to work on personal development, wellness and mindfulness through group discussions and interactive activities allowing the safety to open up and become active listeners as well as feel comfortable to initiate healthy communication with their peers. I


In 2022, she developed ParentTalk, an online live discussion course to help guide parents of teens through their own parental challenges and provide a safe nonjudgmental place for parents to discuss their own issues while assisting them in cultivating a happy home environment.

She is a content creator and writer for many social media accounts as well as a freelance blogger.


 Facebook Tina Vaphiadis  & Oluvme

Instagram @oluvme

TikTok @tinavaphiadis



Sophia is a transformational Holistic Life Coach, Mentor, Clubhouse Club Founder, Global Virtual Summit Convenor, Host, Moderator, International Speaker, Educator, Disability Advocate, and honoured with an outstanding leadership award. Through coaching Sophia inspires and empowers her clients, to move from limiting beliefs to a life of purpose and passion.

She provides spaces for self-discovery, changing perspective and clarity to move from self-sabotage to self-love & purpose, opening doors into the life they truly desire.

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The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast belong solely to the host and guest speakers. Please conduct your own due diligence.