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Opening Closed Doors

Everybody has a story. Your story matters

Opening Closed Doors is a podcast about life journeys. Inspiring conversations with people who have chosen to open a closed door and shut another behind them. Stories of rejection to appreciation, loss to discovery, pain to purpose.

Everyone has a story and everybody's story matters.

Everyone has a story that will resonate, inspire and educate.

Certified holistic life coach, Sophia Nicholls, is the host of the show. She  is an international speaker with over 20 years in leadership and advocacy. As the host, Sophia Nicholls will guide you through these inspiring stories.

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Apr 9, 2023

Dr. Mark Goulston, best-selling author, writer, educator and podcaster shares his journey from depression to successful suicide prevention psychologist. As one of the world’s top thought leaders on empathic listening Dr Goulston injects his wisdom into the interview bringing life to his best selling book ‘Just Listen’ leaving gems for healthy relationships along the way.

He explains the essence behind filling the ‘The mirror neuron gap’ principle and its place in creating healthy interactions and connections: an essential communication tool.

Seeing beyond the façade to the potential in others is the message of the podcast. 

Some take away words of wisdom

Being bright, you can turn nothing into something

Being smart, you can turn something into every thing

Being wise is knowing what’s important in life and what’s worth fighting for and what’s not.

Solution focus beats competition focus.

Journaling is lifesaving and brings out the creative side. 

Recommended Books 

Just Listen 

Get out of your own way


Why cope when you can heal

Thinking fast and slow

Defeating self-defeat – Loneliness and procrastination

Lament for the Old

When I was a doctor
it was common practice
to avoid the geriatrics floor.
The most widely used rationalization
was the reminder
of our own ultimate demise.
But since my colleagues
knew not how to celebrate life,
I doubted that they truly feared death.
I then thought
it was because we had been taught
to salvage life quantitatively
and not qualitatively.
And it was obvious that
this group was a poor bet.

I then took the time
to get to know some of these marvelous people,
three times my age,
who offered a wealth of experience
that spanned hundreds of years.
What was so obviously missing
was someone to share the fullness of the past
and to help relieve the loneliness of the future.
And maybe someone
to give a damn
when they died…

– Mr. Goulston is a third-year student at Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts.


Dr. Mark Goulston is one of the worlds top thought leaders on empathic listening with his book, "Just Listen," being translated into 28 languages and becoming the top book on listening in the world. He is the inventor of Surgical Empathy, an approach he used to reach suicidal patients for more than 25 years without any of them dying by suicide and is the co-creator and moderator of the documentary, Stay Alive: An Intimate Conversation about Suicide Prevention. He is the co-founder of Michelangelo Mindset and host of the highly rated podcast, My Wakeup Call and instructor of the Defeating Self Defeat audio course at He is also a former UCLA professor of psychiatry and FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer.


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