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Opening Closed Doors

Everybody has a story. Your story matters

Opening Closed Doors is a podcast about life journeys. Inspiring conversations with people who have chosen to open a closed door and shut another behind them. Stories of rejection to appreciation, loss to discovery, pain to purpose.

Everyone has a story and everybody's story matters.

Everyone has a story that will resonate, inspire and educate.

Certified holistic life coach, Sophia Nicholls, is the host of the show. She  is an international speaker with over 20 years in leadership and advocacy. As the host, Sophia Nicholls will guide you through these inspiring stories.

If you would like to work with Sophia towards achieving your purpose and life goals, book a free 20 min 121 discovery call. Follow this link 

Jul 8, 2022

A successful youth coach, founder and CEO of Oluvme (a community for women and children to receive help and guidance) Tina Vaphiadis shares her personal journey with vivid imagery.

Closing Doors to a toxic relationship, to the freedom of living her life like a phoenix rising from the fire of negativity. Tina shares the...