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The Confident Body Show

Aug 10, 2022

In this special edition of The Confident Body, Michael Dermansky is joined by senior physiotherapist Will Ryan and special guest Natalie Hall who shares a patient's perspective of coming back from injury. (And if you listen closely, you’ll hear our extra-special guest for the episode: Natalie’s dog!)

Natalie, who has a dance background, is a long-term client of MD Health who had a healthy and active life interrupted by injury. After enduring chronic pain for many years, with multiple surgeries as well as secondary pain from using crutches for a long time, she turned to MD Health to reclaim her active lifestyle. 

Michael and Will explore Natalie’s journey to recovery, and provide a clinician perspective on the challenges and successes they have seen with patients coming back from injury. 

Let's get confident! 

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