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The Confident Body Show

Jun 13, 2023

Planning an overseas holiday is an exciting time. But for many people, particularly as they get older, it can cause a lot of anxiety. If you are dealing with pain or restricted movement, the idea of doing more exercise than normal while on holiday - which is to be expected, as you don’t want to be stuck in your room all day - can be confronting. And not just for the concern around pain or an inability to do what you want to do; there is also a fear of making the problem worse, which could seriously impact your enjoyment.

In this episode, Michal Dermansky is joined by fellow MD Health practitioner Liam Pezet to explore how people can best prepare for an overseas trip. Planning is key: with enough time, an exercise professional can develop a rehab / performance program that is focused on specific exercises that will support your expected activity while overseas.

This is a must-listen for anyone planning an overseas trip - or for anyone who has put off travel plans due to a lack of confidence in their body.

Let’s get confident!


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