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The EdTech News Brief

Oct 21, 2022

Canva has become a formidable force in the tech and edtech worlds with the announcement of its Visual Worksuite. I'll share what that is and about two of the big new components of it today. Also, some of you can get auto-generated summaries for your Google Docs and all BookCreator users can now add multimedia comments on specific pages!!


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01:46 - 01. The Canva Visual Worksuite

“Unveiling the Canva Visual Worksuite” -

Introducing the Visual Worksuite | Canva -

Canva for Teams – An all-in-one workplace design solution -


03:12 - 02. Canva Docs

Canva Docs - Free & Easy Online Document Editor -


05:24 - 03. Today's Sponsor: Smore


06:42 - 04. Canva Websites

“Free One-Page Website Builder | Create a Free Canva Website Now” -


09:04 - 05. Suggested Summaries in Google Docs

“New smart canvas features in Google Docs” -


11:00 - 06. Multimedia Comments in Book Creator

“You can now add multimedia comments in Book Creator!” -


12:57 - Viewer Question


16:18 - Dad Joke Time!



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