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The EdTech News Brief

Nov 10, 2022

Canva has a free PDF Editor and has added background removal, customizable animations, and more to Canva Video.  Focusable seeks to help you and your students grow your ability to focus on tasks. Gmail has added new layouts and a multi-send option for email marketing or newsletters. And, finally, we’re saying goodbye to another edtech tool in this episode.


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00:00 - INTRO


01:43 - 1. Canva PDF Editor

“Free Online PDF Editor - Edit PDFs with ease - Canva” -


04:46 - 2. TODAY'S SPONSOR: Focusable


14:31 - 3. Remove Backgrounds with Canva Video

“Canva joins the big boys with an entirely new collaborative ‘Visual Worksuite’ of tools” -,More%20tools,-Canva%20Video%20has 


16:50 - 4. Gmail Layouts & Multi-Send Features

“Google Workspace Updates: New integrated email marketing tools for Gmail” -

“Compare Editions - Google for Education” - 

“Use built-in mail merge tags like @firstname to personalize multi-send emails” -


22:33 - 5. Synth Has Been Shut Down

“Synth shutting down - focusable” -


23:45 - #EduDuctTape Book Study Q&A Zoom


25:03 - Dad Joke Time!



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