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The EdTech News Brief

Apr 29, 2022

Google gives us Calendly-like appointment booking pages, Flipgrid adds a bunch of updates to the mobile app, plus lets anyone record videos without needing a topic or a group, and Quizizz adds audio and video responses and other features. Also, Microsoft rolls out OneNote Live Captions with translations to almost all users. Plus, I share some corrections about last week’s Seesaw updates.






Segment 1 - Google Calendar Booking Pages

- “Create externally friendly booking pages with appointment scheduling in Google Calendar” -


Today’s Sponsor - Book Creator -


Segment 2 - Flipgrid Mobile Updates

- Tweet by Justin Chando -


Segment 3 - Quizizz Updates

- “Reports on Longitudinal Growth Graphs – Help Center” -

- “Using State Standards on Quizizz” -

- “Audio Questions and Audio/Video Responses – Help Center” -


Segment 4 - Microsoft OneNote Live Captions + Translations

- “How to use OneNote Live Captions” -

- “What's New in Microsoft Teams for Education | March 2022” -


Segment 5 - Corrections and Clarifications - Seesaw

- “Creative Tools Improvements March 2022 (External)” -'


Segment 6 - Launch Survey Contest! - Listen or Watch to find out how to enter!!


Dad Joke of the Day from “115 of The Very Best Dad Jokes And Puns | Fatherly” -



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