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The EdTech News Brief

Jul 28, 2022

Pear Deck has given us a sneak peek at a new gamified feature, Quizizz has added matching and reordering questions, plus a live whiteboard feature. Also, Wakelet has a trio of new features: easily adding Canva designs, Adobe Express creations, and Flip videos into collections. Sticker Mule Studio is available for creating graphics. And, finally, Google has added new Google Drive keyboard shortcuts, a display for images in Classroom, and full page embeds in Sites.



0:00:00 - INTRO

02:38 - Live from ISTE 2022...

03:53 - Pear Deck Unveils Project Pear


06:38 - Matching & Reorder Questions in Quizizz


08:41 - Live Whiteboard in Quizizz


11:51 - Add Canva Designs in Wakelet


13:15 - Add Adobe Express Creations in Wakelet


13:42 - Insert Flip Videos in Wakelet


15:19 - Sticker Mule Studio


16:33 - New Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Drive


19:07 - Announcements in Google Classroom...


19:57 - Add Full Page Content in Google Sites


20:59 - Closing



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