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The EdTech News Brief

Sep 6, 2022

We can now get notified when changes are made to our Google Docs and we can add summaries to them. My favorite story for today: Canva has added a super useful collaborative Whiteboard mode. Also, Microsoft has made some awesome updates to how Reflect operates in Microsoft Teams. And, unfortunately, I’ve got some sad news about one of the most innovative edtech tools of the last 2 decades.


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00:00 - Intro


01:51 - #1 Google Docs Edit Notifications

Stay on top of changes to document content with edit notifications -


03:25 - Today's Sponsor: VIZOR



04:56 - #2 Add Summaries to your Google Docs

“How to Add a Document Summary in Google Docs” -


05:55 - #3 Canva Whiteboards!

"Discover infinite possibilities with Canva’s new infinite Whiteboards" -


09:26 - Today's Sponsored Contest: Pear Deck!

CONTEST entry instructions in the episode!


11:28 - #4 Upgrades to Reflect in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Reflect -

IT Admin Guide to Reflect in Microsoft Teams -


14:29 - #5 Edmodo is Shutting Down

End of Life FAQs -


15:39 - Some Jake News

“What Makes a Great Edtech Tool?” -

Pear Fair -

Doodle and Chat LIVE -


16:28 - Listener Question


18:39 - Dad Joke Time!





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