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The EdTech News Brief

Sep 16, 2022

Google Docs is making it easier to add emojis in our documents. Did you know that Edpuzzle added a screen recording Chrome Extension a while back? They also added the ability to use their site in Spanish and a few other languages. Plus, Flip is letting students see their videos and the comments on them even when a topic is set as moderated. Finally, you and I are going to get to hear all about the new games modes in Quizalize.


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00:00 - Intro


02:32 - #1 Insert emojis inline with text in Goo

Insert emojis inline with text in Google Docs -


04:26 - #2 Today’s Sponsor: New Quizalize Games


12:12 - #3 Screen Recording in Edpuzzle

How to Create an Online Lesson with Edpuzzle's Screen Recording Tool -


13:52 - #4 Change Languages in Edpuzzle

Say “Hola” to Edpuzzle in Spanish -


15:00 - #5 Flip Improves Moderated Topics

Announcement Tweet  -


17:30 - Audience Questions or Feedback


19:04 - Dad Joke Time!



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