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Carbon Farming Podcast

Apr 5, 2024

The podcast featuring Christopher Daley, a Carbon Project Development Specialist, looks into the role of biodiversity in the agricultural carbon market. Daley emphasizes the importance of biodiversity,  highlighting its crucial role in sustaining ecosystems and supporting agriculture. Increasing biodiversity offers numerous benefits for farmers and ranchers, including healthier soil, higher yields, and better water management.

 While biodiversity is becoming a focus for corporations as part of their climate-related targets, it's also essential for responsible land stewardship and consumer demand. Biodiversity credits, which have been part of the voluntary carbon market for years, are gaining traction, with frameworks like the Global Biodiversity Framework incentivizing projects to address biodiversity loss. Agoro Carbon contributes through practices such as no-tillage farming, cover crops, seeding native plants, and improved grazing practices, which support healthier and more resilient ecosystems. The future of biodiversity credits lies in projects that promote biodiversity across various landscapes,  aligning with the vision of Agoro Carbon.