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Carbon Farming Podcast

Jun 20, 2023

This week is all about women in ag. We are fortunate to have two new guests who share their early beginnings on the farm and pasture, the role of women in ag-based culture, and how it’s evolved. Their own families have lived through the rewards and challenges of farming and ranching. Their insights are eye-opening and maybe relatable to some.

Kerry Hoffschneider, Communications Manager at Graze Master Genetics and host of the Underdog Ag Podcast, joins us to discuss her experience in agriculture. She was born into ag - the farm raised her. At a young age you'd find her laying pipe, helping with irrigation, and of course playing in the pasture. Today she continues her work in ag by helping producers through Graze Master Genetics.

Ashley Bruner, Global Marketing Manager at Agoro Carbon Alliance, also grew up playing and working on her parent’s Illinois farm. She discusses the passion and minds of women in agriculture; plus, women’s role that have contributed to keeping agriculture alive and well from generation to generation.

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