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Carbon Farming Podcast

Aug 15, 2023

Iowa-based Agronomist and Strategic Accounts Manager, Clay Craighton, joins us to chat through the newest way farmers can get involved in the ag carbon market - and it's all about cover cropping with legumes. Cover crops improve soil health and help keep carbon “locked in” to our soil. In this episode, Clay discusses the ins and outs of generating ag carbon credits by diversifying cover crops with legumes, and so much more:

  • What are legumes
  • Legacy conservation growers can participate 
  • How adding legumes to the mix works
  • Types of legume species
  • Application type

Farmers that have been managing fields with cover cropping can now qualify to get paid and participate in the Agoro Carbon Alliance program by adding legumes to the species planted. To learn even more about cover cropping with legumes visit the Ag Carbon Knowledge Hub.

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