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Carbon Farming Podcast

Dec 5, 2023

Let's zoom in on a specific and very crucial stage of the ag carbon credit generation process - the role of soil stratification. First off, what is soil stratification or also referred to as “soil strata?”

Well, here is a little preview:
Soil stratification is the process of dividing farm or ranch land into different areas that represent similar soil organic carbon to efficiently sample soil with the most accurate results.

What does stratification look like? And how is it related to the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon credits? Does AI and remote sensing play a part? We cover all that and more in this episode with Tommy Pudil, Agoro Carbon’s Geospatial Analyst. Tommy is a member of the science team. He is originally from eastern Iowa, and attended school at Creighton University in Nebraska, as well as Georgia Southern University in Georgia. During his time at both schools, he used remote sensing to measure the health of vegetation and map land cover using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Growing up in Iowa, farming has always been something that is important to Tommy, and he enjoys using his skills to help the mission here at Agoro Carbon Alliance. In his free time, Tommy likes to fish, hike, lift weights, and spend time with family and friends.