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MO Crops Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

On this episode of the MO Crops Podcast, the guys take a break from the guests and give updates on what has taken place so far this year from research and extension perspectives. We hear from the cotton agronomy, rice agronomy, and soil and cropping systems programs. Also, the guys discuss key dates coming up in the next few months where listeners can come and participate in scouting schools and field days. 

- Delta Soybean Scouting School: 8/18/22 @ 8:30 am at the Fisher Delta REEC. Email for more info and to register.

- MO Rice Field Day: 8/23/22 @8 am at the Missouri Rice Merchandising Council Research Farm near Glennonville, MO

-Fisher Delta REEC Field Day: 8/26/22 @9 am at the Fisher Delta REEC

For more information about field days, contact Justin Calhoun at

Transcriptions for all episodes of the MO Crops Podcast can be found at