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Build a Winning Team with Tim Schurrer

Aug 16, 2022

There was a season in my life when I wanted to be the next John Mayer. When I was in college, I wrote my first song which then turned into me writing more songs and recording some of them. 

I then moved to Nashville as an eager and optimistic 21 year old with a big dream of becoming a full-time musician.

I went to Belmont University for my junior year of college and started meeting other singer/songwriters with similar dreams to mine. One of the people I met there was Steve Moakler. And when I first heard his music, I’ve got to be honest … I didn’t want to like it because I was jealous. The guy was writing songs that were surely going to land him on the radio and everything about him just screamed “this guy is going to be a star.”

People at Belmont talked about Steve like he was going to be the next John Mayer. Which was impossible! Because I was going to be the next John Mayer!

But everything changed when I really got to know him. 

We went on a tour together and quickly, Steve became one of my closest friends.

If you don’t know Steve Moakler, you’re about to hear what makes him so special.

Listen to Steve’s new record “Make a Little Room” on Spotify:

Order your copy of “The Secret Society of Success” on Audible: