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The Thin Place

Are you a Christian woman looking to grow in your faith?

The Thin Place is designed to help women grow in their understanding of the Bible and practically live out their faith in daily life. You’ll find practical applications, like traditional spiritual disciplines, devotionals to encourage you, and reminders of the goodness of God in difficult circumstances.

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May 4, 2022

The Bible calls us to take up the cause of the defenseless and to care deeply about the brokenness of the world. Social justice is one of the ways we join God in the work of redeeming creation and restoring it to what He intended in Eden. But while buzzwords fly and slacktivism becomes the norm, we need to make sure that we are approaching social justice from a Biblical perspective.

5 Critical Truths Christians Need To Remember When Fighting Injustice 

  1. We are commanded to take up the cause of the defenseless
  2. We need to invest personally, both financially and emotionally, in fighting injustice
  3. While fighting injustice, we must remain humble
  4. Remember that the world is broken, but God is still in control
  5. We must trust God to bring the results

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