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The Thin Place

Are you a Christian woman looking to grow in your faith?

The Thin Place is designed to help women grow in their understanding of the Bible and practically live out their faith in daily life. You’ll find practical applications, like traditional spiritual disciplines, devotionals to encourage you, and reminders of the goodness of God in difficult circumstances.

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Apr 8, 2022

Want to go deeper? Read more here! Here are a few start questions to evaluate your media in light of Philippians 4:8:

  • True – Is this factually true or speculation? Is it gossip? If it is factually true, is it being presented in an inflammatory or biased way to imply something that isn’t factually true? 
  • Honorable – Will this help or hinder the pursuit of righteousness? Is it encouraging the morals and virtues laid out in Scripture? 
  • Pure – Is this free from impurity? Is it something that makes me fearful or confident in the Lord’s work? Is the end goal focused on eternity and the coming Kingdom of God or temporal circumstances? 
  • Pleasing – Is this something that brings me joy or angst?
  • Commendable – Is this something I would share with others? If so, would I do so confident that this would further my Christian witness and the hope I have in Christ?
  • Excellence – Is this well done? Has this been crafted with care and a proper stewarding of the gifts of God? 
  • Worthy of Praise – Does this stir my affections for the Lord? Does it make me rejoice in His work and the giftings He has lavished upon the people He created?