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Shift the Atmosphere with Philip Renner

Dec 16, 2022

Gideon experienced God’s power through the fire! This completely transformed his life and propelled him into the divine destiny God had prepared for him! Get ready to be shaken by the fire of God!

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Dec 9, 2022

In his final lesson on resurrection power, Philip Renner explains why an airplane pilot must follow directions from command center to reach his destination. To soar, you will not able to navigate the storms of life without listening consistently to your Commander. 

Dec 2, 2022

It has been an amazing study of the names of the Genealogy of Jesus! These names describe the power of Holy Spirit in your life! One of things that Holy Spirit loves to do is use the unqualified for his glory! This is what he will do for you! Your past will never dictate your future!

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Nov 18, 2022

The names of the genealogy paint a prophetic picture of the story of redemption. These names also depict the character of Jesus and the words that we should use to worship him! When we worship him with vertical worship the glory of God will fill our lives. Let's dive  in! 
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Nov 6, 2022

Join Philip Renner as he discusses how resurrection power manifests in stages. He compares it to the aerodynamic principles that enable  airplanes to fly. In this episode, Philip talks about how the force of lift empower a plane to overcome its own weight to fly.