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Shift the Atmosphere with Philip Renner

May 29, 2022

The enemy would like nothing better than to set up an ambush to derail you from your destiny. Thankfully, we can learn to listen and follow God’s voice. When you follow God’s voice, you will always be on the winning side. We will not be caught in the enemy’s trap! 
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May 22, 2022

In this episode, Philip takes you on a journey of what it looks like to walk by faith and not by sight. In a world where everything is dark, God has gone before you to pave the way for your glorious future. 
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May 15, 2022

In his final lesson on resurrection power, Philip Renner explains why an airplane pilot must follow directions from command center to reach his destination. To soar, you will not able to navigate the storms of life without listening consistently to your Commander. 

May 8, 2022

Join Philip Renner as he discusses how resurrection power manifests in stages. He compares it to the aerodynamic principles that enable  airplanes to fly. In this episode, Philip talks about how the force of lift empower a plane to overcome its own weight to fly. 

May 1, 2022

Philip Renner continues his study on the resurrection power in Christ using the analogy of necessary elements for an airplane to fly. In this episode, Philip explores the resisting force of drag, and how that similar principle is an important ingredient to the Christian life.