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CashFlow Pro

Sep 16, 2022

If you are interested in learning how military members can use passive income to grow their wealth while on deployment or even after service, this episode is for you! In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with another member of Active Duty Passive Income, founder Eric Upchurch. Eric is an Army Operations Veteran who has always been in leadership.


While expressing his journey and thoughts on financial education in the military, he also sheds some light on his real estate knowledge and what his company Active Duty Passive Income, is doing for those who fight for our country.



In this episode, we discuss:

  • Leadership and communication
  • Financial education for military members
  • Finding the right partners and community for your business
  • Balancing deployment and passive income investments
  • Syndication exemptions for military members (Regulation A funds)
  • Managing administration costs with exemptions
  • Commitment and getting yourself in front of the right audience



Find your flow,

Casey Brown


Resources mentioned in this podcast: