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CashFlow Pro

Sep 13, 2022

In the 128th episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Omni Casey, founder of New Leaf Redevelopers. Omni has been a real estate investor, broker, and coach for nearly 20 years. Over the last 10+ years, he and his family moved from Hawaii to Northern Virginia and have been very active in growing their real estate investment portfolio.


He has coached hundreds of real estate investors, agents, and clients to create and execute a plan to grow their real estate businesses. Omni’s focus and goal are to help every team member achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.



In this episode, we discuss:

  • Curating a high-standard team
  • High-end property management
  • Selling your real estate portfolio and proper exit
  • Starting a real estate podcast
  • The Cash-Flow Breakfast Club: A Story and Manual
  • The power of the word to mouth and networking


Make sure to tune in to this episode to find out more!


Find your flow,

Casey Brown


Resources mentioned in this podcast:

  4. Twitter @OmniInvestorGuy