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The OJSM Hot Corner

Oct 5, 2022

In Part 2 of our 2-part discussion on biceps tenodesis, we welcome back Dr. Eric McCarty, MD from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Dr. Adnan Saithna, MD from AZBSC Orthopedics in Scottsdale-Phoenix, AZ to discuss “Outcomes of biceps tenotomy versus tenodesis during arthroscopic rotator cuff repair,” published in OJSM in July coming to us from the University of Florida.  Our experts share their insights on this subject and the shared decision making that occurs when selecting either tenotomy or tenodesis.  Dr. Saithna, who trained and practiced in the UK prior to relocating to the US, speaks about the differences he has observed in each country when it comes to patient satisfaction and acceptance of deformity.