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The OJSM Hot Corner

Sep 14, 2023

We welcome Drs. Adam Daniel, MD and Patrick Smith, MD from Columbia Orthopaedic Group to discuss their study “Reduced Incidence of Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Internal Brace Augmentation." Though a proprietary orthopaedic implant, the term “Internal Brace” has become a household name in Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery in general.  It’s application in the realm of ACL reconstruction has been theorized, however due to poor performance of prior augmentation efforts with ACLR, Internal Bracing for ACLR has been met with some degree of skepticism.  Dr. Smith has decades of experience searching for ways to improve upon ACLR, a surgery that is still far from perfect.  He reports on his experience with ACLR with autograft plus Internal Bracing.  His results speak for themselves.