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Inspiration for the Nation with Yaakov Langer

Aug 6, 2022

Trigger Warning: We discuss suicide in this episode.

Yaakov here, I encourage you to listen to this episode. It's one of the most powerful episodes I've ever recorded. Aliza is so strong.
Aliza Bulow is the founder and director of Core, an organization that connects Jewish women and strengthens Jewish homes and communities. In addition, she travels regularly to offer guidance, leadership training and strategic planning for Jewish Outreach organizations and Jewish communities throughout the continent.

Born to activist parents in the 1960’s, Aliza's community building began early as her upbringing was intensely impacted by her parents’ deep commitment to the civil rights movement. Her own activism took root during her early high school years in the fight for freedom for Soviet Jews. Her passion for Judaism and the Jewish people then took her to Israel where she studied for 2 years at Michlelet Bruria and Hebrew University.

With a growing desire to build  and contribute, Aliza explored various avenues to serve the State of Israel and finally chose to enlist in the Israeli Defense Forces from 1982-1984, during the first Lebanon war.  She served in the Nachal Unit with a religious group that was dedicated to building communities in the Land of Israel.

Though her dream was to stay in Israel, her soul mate was in law school in America. She married Ephraim Bulow after he graduated, and then they traveled to Russia to visit refusniks before setting up their own home in Long Beach, NY.
We discuss: being a giyorit, working in the army, raising a child with autism, life after her son's suicide, her marriage, starting Core and so much more.
More about CORE here:



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