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Inspiration for the Nation with Yaakov Langer

Jun 18, 2022

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Beri a new-age Chasidic singer, composer, entertainer AND Rosh HaYeshiva (Yes, you read that right).

He is a renowned “vocal powerhouse” and gained popularity soon after he began releasing his albums in 2007. However, the debut of his celebrated “Thank You Hashem” gripped the attention of Jewish music fans worldwide. Beri’s music emanates fresh energy in soulful, creative singing. His unique style, inspired by mystical Chassidus, aims to motivate and elevate fans around the globe.

Beri began his singing career at age nine. He sang alongside popular musical artists including MBD, Moshe Goldman, and Mendy Werdyger and later joined the Shira Choir.

Beri names Shlomo Carlebach and MBD as his major musical influences and was immersed in their music throughout his childhood. Beri draws his musical inspiration from the teachings of R’ Nachman of Breslev and enjoys exploring the Rebbe’s views on the spirituality of music with Reb Lazer Brody, Reb Motta Frank and Reb Itche Mier Morgenstern of Jerusalem.

A few years ago, Beri opened a yeshiva for boys who have been mistreated or misunderstood. 

In this episode, Beri explores where he finds the soul in his songs, where he turns for inspiration and how he balances being a rebbi and a world-famous singer.

Beri's music:

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This episode is in memory of: Shimon Dovid ben Yaakov Shloima and Miriam Sarah bas Yaakov Moshe 

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